Loungefly: This Has To Stop!

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Loungefly: This Has To Stop!

A few years ago, I went on a trip to Disneyland with some friends. Since we live in northern California, it’s close enough for us to drive ourselves. Even though it is close enough to drive, the drive can be around seven to eight hours, or longer depending on stops and traffic. Typically, our arrival date is spent exploring downtown Disney and going to bed early to get to the parks for rope drop the next day. On this particular trip, I fell in love. While at World of Disney, I found the cutest Mickey Mouse wallet. It reminded me of the Coach and Dooney & Burke designs that I loved but could never afford. I snatched up this wallet, and it has held up for going on four years.¬†

mickey mouse disney loungefly walletLoungefly has been around since the late nineties. They are known for making accessories using licensed products like Pokemon, Sanrio, Harry Potter, and of course, Disney. In 2017, Funko, the company behind little Pop figures, purchased Loungefly. Despite this acquisition, it has not changed the overall style or quality of Loungefly goods. However, it has allowed for more production and variety with their products.

I say that Loungefly has to stop because I can only have so many wallets, purses, backpacks, and cosmetic bags. I cannot walk by Hot Topic, Box Lunch, or a Disney Store and not browse the Loungefly selections. No matter which store or time of year, I will feel drawn to at least one or two items. It has gotten to a point where my husband will try to distract me from these stores, so I do not deplete our bank account with an excessive amount of Loungefly accessories. Is this a first-world problem? Absolutely. So I am not complaining. I just needed a reason to showcase some of my favorite Loungefly products.


up backpack from loungeflyAs someone who is not a big fan of purses, I adore the size and portability of Loungefly backpacks. They are durable and adorable. Plus, you can fit a surprising amount in them. While traveling, I have included my wallet, passports, a bag of 3oz toiletries, make-up bag and accessories, a bottle of water, and some snacks. I have this Up backpack that has held up exceptionally well for the past two years.

I like to call this style the standard Loungefly back. There are dozens upon dozens of designs with this style. You can go into any Box Lunch and find at least five designs. But this is not the only style backpack. Loungefly has a design to match every age and style. From the chic to the silly, everyone can find something they would like. Here are some of my favorites in other forms:

Other Backpack Designs

Many of Loungefly’s sequin backpacks are reversible. You can get that satisfying feeling of running your hand on the bag and watch it change colors. This bag emulates our favorite Frozen queen, Elsa. The colors match her iconic dress, and the snowflake emblem is a subtle nod to the franchise.

This Empire Strikes Back backpack is made of nylon. So if you are not a fan of the faux leather that Loungefly uses, this backpack may be a better fit. It’s a bit larger than the standard design, so it could easily be a school backpack or theme park bag.

Characters designs are used for pretty much any kind of Loungefly accessory. This Jiminy Cricket backpack it a shining example of how designers take a character and turn it into an entire bag. The top is Jiminy’s face, while his body takes up the bottom half of the backpack. The zipper contains his umbrella, so his iconic accessory is represented.

Although not as common as the standard, Loungefly rucksack backpacks can give you some variety with some lovable characters. They seem to use super popular licenses for the rucksack, so do not expect to find lesser-known characters on a rucksack. But they offer unique designs for our favorites. This Mickey Mouse safari rucksack would be a fun one to use while walking around Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

I wasn’t sure what to call these designs. They will fit as much as the standard sizes, but their shapes may vary. The front is flat, which means they can put together a more beautiful display. This example shows Stitch playing the ukelele in front of a sunset. Its color scheme is subtle, which will help this backpack match with many different outfits.


If purses are more your thing, then Loungefly has you covered. They have a ton of different styles, so you can find a style you like with a character you love.

This crossbody bag is the cutest thing I have ever seen. Granted, I have a weakness for the dalmatians. But you could easily just create a dalmatian back that is only black and white spots. While Loungefly has plenty of options for those who like that style, I like the overall look of this red, black, and white bag.

This Up bag is unique and gorgeous. It looks a little more sophisticated than the Dalmatian crossbody bag. From a distance, it could almost pass as a designer bag. I love the Up house with balloons and the fact that the clouds are not all over the front. It looks beautiful and goes great with other Loungefly Up accessories.

While poking around shopdisney.com one day, I stumbled across this bag. It made me wonder about Disney’s agreements with Loungefly/Funko. More than likely, this bag is going to be exclusive to Disney. You won’t be able to find a Cruise Line accessory in Hot Topic or Box Lunch. Having only discovered this recently, I wonder if we will begin to see Disney exclusively Loungefly accessories that are specific to Disney theme parks. I certainly hope so!


As I previously mentioned, Loungefly wallets do indeed hold up. My Mickey Mouse wallet is going strong! You can browse through wallets and discover so many different designs, but I love the subtlety of this Disney Princess Ice Cream wallet. On one side, you are not even sure how the princesses tie in. But each cone represents a princess, including Jasmine, Snow White, and Tiana.


Suppose purses and large wallets are not your styles. Loungefly cardholders are handy to have. For a while, I kept my more frequently used cards in a Pua inspired holder. It worked for a while, but I will say that the strap wore down rather quickly. I ended up donating it because I misplaced it an embarrassing number of times. I am better off using a larger wallet. If you are seeking a cardholder, you will find one for you.

This Stitch cardholder is made of burlap and has Stitch look curiously to the right. I think he looks so stinkin’ cute in his dog sitting position. It reminds me that he is supposed to be Lilo’s dog, after all.

If burlap isn’t your style, there are plenty of nylon or faux leather designs that will work for you. One standout for me was this Cleo and Figaro design. It’s one of my favorite moments, Pinnochio, and is a straightforward design for carrying a few cards.

Cosmetic Bags

I am also a massive fan of Loungefly’s cosmetic bags. They come with multiple bags so you can customize your cosmetic storage to fit your needs. I use this Wall-E set, and the smaller kit contains my on-the-go products. I keep a small comb, lip balm, sunscreen, and q-tips in it. I use a larger bag for my everyday make-up products.

You can find a cosmetic bag for a few different characters. I love this Aladdin set. Each bag compliments the other so well. The silhouette of the palace in Agrabah is beautiful.

As a newer development for Loungefly, these can be hard to find. On shopdisney.com, you can find these adorable Pixar Ball headbands. They are an excellent accessory for any Pixar themed outfit. Even if the color does not necessarily match, you can never go wrong with incorporating a Luxo ball.

Fanny Packs

Although I have not jumped on the fanny pack craze myself, Loungefly makes me want to. They have so many unique loos, many of which have a matching backpack or cardholder. When browsing BoxLunch.com, I was drawn to two designs.

This Hundred Acre Wood design made me feel nostalgic. As a kid, my sister and I had a rug in our shared bedroom that was a map of the Hundred Acre Wood. We would lay out our toys as if we were visiting Pooh’s hometown. The colors are pretty, and I love the labeling.

Lenny is one of the most underrated Disney characters. You cannot change my mind. He is super cute but is overlooked and neglected in Toy Story sequels. The fact that you can have him as a fanny pack made me so happy. I never wanted a fanny pack more when I stumbled across Lenny. I do not think I own any outfit that would match it, but I don’t care. Lenny is King, and this fanny pack proves it.

Loungefly, Seriously Though, Don’t Stop

My only real complaint about Loungefly is that it can be confusing to know which styles are available where. You would think that the Loungefly website would have the most extensive selection, but it doesn’t. Arguably, BoxLunch.com had way more options available. I browsed websites from Box Lunch, Disney, Hot Topic, Amazon, and Loungefly, and rarely did I find duplicates across sites. They seem to have exclusivity deals with specific designs for different stores. With Amazon, you will mainly find old designs being resold, so do not expect to be able to Amazon prime a Loungefly accessory with your favorite character on a whim.

As I come across more interesting Loungefly accessories and gear, I will update this post accordingly. Even though I proclaimed that Loungefly needs to stop, I hope that they don’t. Their designs remind me how much I love Disney, and it makes me happy to incorporate characters that I love into my everyday accessories.

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