Mickey Mouse: From Walt To The World Exhibition At The Walt Disney Family Museum

from walt to the world exhibition

Mickey Mouse: From Walt To The World Exhibition At The Walt Disney Family Museum

The Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco is a must-see for any Disney fan. While the main museum gives visitors an insight into the life of Walt Disney, there is a separate building, the Diane Disney Miller Exhibition Hall, that is dedicated to exhibitions. From May 16, 2019-February 17th, 2020, visitors can check out Mickey Mouse: From Walt To The World. This unique exhibition celebrates the mouse that started it all and examines how Mickey has influenced art and media over the year. If you are a Mickey Mouse fan, you should check out this fun exhibition before it ends.

How Do I Get Tickets To “Mickey Mouse: From Walt To The World”?

Tickets for special exhibitions are separate from general admission to the museum. You can opt to get a combo ticket that includes the museum for $35 adults, $30 for seniors and students, and $20 for ages 6-17.

Stand-alone tickets for just the exhibition are also available for $15 for adults, seniors, and students, and $5 for ages 6-17. If you are a member of the Walt Disney Family Museum, you can access the From Walt To the World exhibition for free. Learn about becoming a Walt Disney Family Museum member here.

It is important to note that tickets to the Mickey Mouse: From Walt To The World exhibition are timed. If you show up on the day of your visit to get tickets, you might find that the next time available may not be for a few hours. You can purchase tickets in advance online to avoid this.

How Long Does It Take To Tour The Exhibition?

The Diane Disney Miller Exhibition Hall is smaller than the main museum. It offers two stories of art and artifacts related to Mickey Mouse. When you first walk in, the room is tiny. There is a redesign of Mickey Mouse and the famous quote from Walt Disney: “I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing–that it was all started by a mouse.”

Before you enter the exhibit, you can pick up a scavenger hunt paper. The scavenger hunt has a list of questions you can find the answers to in the exhibition. The other side is a “Where’s Mickey?” game. It features a drawing of San Francisco featuring Mickey Mouse by artist Sirron Norris. This fun drawing has nods to Walt Disney and his life embedded within.

Depending upon how thorough you want to be with the scavenger hunt, walking through the exhibit can take anywhere between 30 minutes to one hour. While the building is small, there is still plenty to see and take in.


What Will I See At The Mickey Mouse: From Walt To the World Exhibition?

The exhibition was curated by an animator named Andreas Deja with help from Michael Labrie. In total, there are more than 400 artifacts to see seen. Some of the most interesting include never-before-seen original sketches, character models, and concept artwork. In addition to animator artifacts, you will also be able to see vintage Mickey Mouse merchandise, photographs, and pieces of short films that feature our favorite mouse.

Art lovers will appreciate the different interpretations of Mickey Mouse by several famous artists. Featured artists include Andy Warhol, Gottfried Helnwein, Wayne Thiebaud, Tennessee Loveless, Lorelay Bove, and Eric Robison.

What Is The Layout Like At The Exhibit?

The first area of the exhibit takes you through Mickey Mouse in film. It starts in black and white, just like Mickey Mouse did. You will be able to view clips from shorts films as well as original sketch work. When the exhibit transition to yellow walls, you will then see Mickey Mouse come out in color. It was nice to be able to look at Mickey in his original form and then transition to his more modern look.

The museum does an excellent job of incorporating some of the most memorable Mickey Mouse cartoons and movies. Mickey Mouse Club is celebrated in this same area as well as Mickey’s most iconic roles, like the Sorcerer’s Apprentice.

One section that was a lot of fun was a board that featured drawings of Mickey over the years and buttons under each one. When you hit a button, you would hear the voice of Mickey Mouse at that time. You could listen to Walt Disney as Mickey Mouse, Wayne Allwine, who voiced Mickey from 1977-2009, and current voice actor Bret Iwan.

Mickey Mouse Outside Of Film And Television

After going through the history of Mickey Mouse as a character, you will then walk into Mickey Mouse Merchandise. My favorite part about this area was that international merchandise was on display. Millions, if not billions, of people, have a childhood memory of playing with some sort of Mickey Mouse toy. It was amazing to see that Mickey Mouse is not only timeless but is also incorporated into so many cultures.

Theme park fans will love the Mickey At the Disney Parks section. It was genuinely fascinating to see pictures of the original character suits walking down Main Street USA in Disneyland.

The last section of the museum shows Mickey being portrayed in a variety of art styles by different artists. Mickey is more than just an icon; he is also a symbol that is used frequently by artists. I almost missed one of my favorite paintings through the museum. My husband called me over to make sure I saw “Flying Ace Snoopy And Mickey Mouse.” I enjoyed seeing two iconic characters that I love together in the same setting.

Is The “Mickey Mouse: From Walt To The World” Exhibition Worth It?

Absolutely, it is. This exhibition tugged at my heartstrings. I loved being able to reminisce about my favorite Mickey Mouse cartoons and see the beloved character in a different light. Furthermore, I love studying history. This exhibition proudly displays the history and evolution of Mickey Mouse as a character. Thankfully, you can check out Mickey Mouse: From Walt To The World until February 2020.

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