Things To Get At The Disney Store For Your Disney Vacation

Things To Get At The Disney Store For Your Disney Vacation

Off To Disney? Here’s How The Disney Store Can Help!

You’ve spent countless hours planning your trip, and now it’s finally here! The few days before you leave on a Disney vacation are a whirlwind of packing and anticipation. Imagine walking through Fantasyland land with a churro in both hands while immersing yourself in the magic and wonder that is Disney! What if you could start the magic before you enter the park? The Mouse Stops Here is your guide for Disney parks essentials that you can find at the Disney Store.


Disney Parks Essentials at the Disney Store

You may have a different set of essentials than the person waiting in line in front of you. Some people like to bring as little with them as possible. Backpacks and security checks will only slow them down. Others prefer to be prepared with any situation. A backpack with several pockets and compartments to house they might need is the way to go. This guide is not so much going to tell you how to pack and what to bring with you. These are just some things that specifically The Disney Store has that can set you on the right path.

The Disney Store has tons of Disney Parks merchandise, plus some useful items to have in your park bag. Because this is an honest blog, I will tell you before we begin that there are most definitely places you can go to get the same things without the Disney markup. This is just to showcase what neat things the Disney Store can offer you to plan for your trip so you can decide on your own.


Disney Stores Help You “Prep For The Parks”

While the Disney Store locations may have some merchandise in their stores, it is incredibly hit and miss. Most of what we discuss here is coming from the “Prep for the Parks” sections on If you are on the site’s homepage, simply hover how the “Parks” tab and get tons of different categories for your browsing pleasure from clothes to home items, and even some park exclusives. Let’s start with some iconic Disney gear that you can before you enter the parks through shopDisney.

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Where Can I Get Earhats and Headbands Outside A Disney Park?

I have met many people over the years who as soon as they get to a Disney park, they want to find the perfect set of ears to rock for their entire trip. But you do not have to wait until you arrive to find the best set of ears. shopDisney has tons of choices, some of which can be hard to find at the parks. What many people don’t realize is that not every store at the parks has every type of earhat or headband. Browsing on the website before your trip can help you decide the perfect set for you, and you can start wearing them as soon as you leave. Or whenever you want to bring some Dinsey flair into your everyday life.

Earhats and headbands range from $12.99 to $27.99 on the site. But sometimes you can catch some limited release ones like these Americana Ear Headband by Harveys for $78.00, while supplies last, of course.

One downside of getting your ears online before your trip is that you need to make sure it says “personalizable” if you want to get something written on your hat. You can do this at the checkout screen by clicking “personalize”. Once you type in what you want to have written, it’ll add a $5.95 charge to your cart. It does not appear to give you a choice of color as they give you in the parks. If you are hoping for the writing to be in a certain color, you may want to wait until you are at the park or take it elsewhere to be embroidered.

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Where Can I Buy A Magic Band?

Unfortunately, Magic Bands are only used at Walt Disney World. If you are going to California or another Disney park, these would simply be little bracelets. A magic band is a device used at Walt Disney World to store lots of information to make your trip as seamless as possible. Your Disney Resort hotel room key, credit cards, park tickets, and fast passes are all stored on these devices. You simply hold your magic band up to a scanner and it’ll get the information it needs. They help people travel light for their vacations as there is not a need to carry a wallet if you have a magic band. Like so many other Disney things, your magic band can be a bit of a fashion statement.

While you can get them for free in you have an annual pass or are staying at a Resort Hotel, they are only basic colors. You can get tons of interesting designs at shops, or on the shopDisney website. If you are not staying at a resort hotel, you can still get a magic band. However, you need to purchase it outright and it will only store your park tickets and fast passes. The cost of a magic band can range from $14.99 to $58.00 depending upon the design.


Make Your Trip Special With Custom T-Shirts For Your Disney Trip

The best thing about preparing for your trip using is that there are so many ways you can customize. The custom t-shirts and gear section show you everything you can your name attached to that is available through Disney. From bracelets to luggage tags, you can get something small as a way to announce your Disney vacation surprise to your family. Over the last few years, people have surprised their loved ones with Disney trips and record their reactions. Your loved one can receive a personal memento from their big surprise with a custom luggage tag.

Depending on the occasion, you can also get customizable luggage tags and wristbands for your trip. For instance, here’s an awesome Rainbow Disney Collection luggage tag that you can get in June to celebrate or honor Pride. Customized t-shirts for your entire group can be fun to honor a special celebration, or can simply be a way to keep track of little ones if they are all wearing the same shirt. shopDisney has tons of options for family vacation t-shirts. You can select designs to represent a specific park, genres, or even Disney Cruise Line.


Get Your Disney Impulse Buys Ahead of Time

Disney is well known for its ability to get people to spend money. And we often discover must-have souvenirs once we see other people walking around with them at the parks. Sometimes they are a neat use, or sometimes they are just really cool. Believe it or not, you can get some of these things at your local Disney store. It can be a little hit and miss, so be prepared if you walk into the store that they might not have it. As of June 2019, you can at least buy a Disney Parks misting fan on Generally, there will be circular displays near the check stand at the Disney Store that will have a few options for spinning, light up toys. They may not specifically be Disney Parks specific, but you can plan by picking up one of these for your family at your local store.


How do you get yourself into the Disney spirit before a trip? Let me know if the comments below. You can read more about the Disney Store here. Thanks for stopping by!

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