Disney Store In Concord, CA Report

Disney Store In Concord, CA Report

Disney Store in Concord: Simple and Reliable

The Sunvalley Shopping Center is located in Concord, California in the San Francisco Bay Area. It is locally referred to simply the Sunvalley Mall. It is a typical mall structure with JC Penny’s, Macy’s, and Sears as anchor stores. At just over 1.3 million square feet, it was the largest air-conditioned mall in the world when it first opened in 1967. Getting to the Sunvalley Shopping Center is fairly easy since it just off the I-680 freeway. Take the Willow Pass Road exit and the mall is right next to the offramp. There is usually plenty of parking, although it can get cramped around the holidays. The Disney Store is located on the second floor next to Macy’s Women’s.

When Did Disney Stores Remodel?

Tons of Disney stores went through redesigns around 2014 to 2015, and Concord Disney Store was one of those locations. When the store reopened in 2015, it had a cute opening ceremony that included visits from Mickey and Minnie themselves. A video from this ceremony can be found here. Before the redesign, this location had the old familiar film reel design. Now, the Concord Disney Store exterior has the iconic Disney logo in red on a brown backdrop. The windows have advertisements for upcoming Disney sales that invite you inside. When you walk into the store, you are welcomed by a cute castle set up that welcomes children to roam around. There are also two reflective white trees that contain hidden Disney characters within the leaves. The lighting from the store reflects on these trees in a very cool way, making it shine into different colors.

Disney Store Trees

This store also has a gazebo layout that plays music videos, clips from movies, and news about different Disney promotions. On this particular visit, they were showing the entirety of Mary Poppins Returns. In front of the screen is also a seating area for children to watch the television. There are also coloring stations with a few sheets laid out for the next up and coming artist. 


The design of the walls shows shadowy outlines of famous Disney characters seemingly at some sort of outdoor party. This design is all along the top of the walls and does not seem to repeat. You get a chance to see and different character no matter where you are in the store. The artwork gives the impression of a backyard bayou party, with rounded lights hanging above the characters as they dance and greet each other.

What Does The Disney Store in Concord Offer?

Concord’s Disney Store is a very plush focused store. Sadly, it does not have the memorable mountain of plushes in the back center of the store. Instead, there are areas of the walls filled with different plushes in addition to racks filled to the top with plushes of varying sizes. 

The entire store is sectioned off by films and themes, with newer releases in the front and center and a standard princess area in the back. An added touch of the princess section is a display featuring mannequins wearing a princess dress and a matching painting. For instance, the Cinderella dress had a painting of the Fairy Godmother creating Cinderella’s carriage.

Cinderella Painting

The Takeaways

While this is a pretty standard Disney store with what it has to offer, it is relatively small so it might be more difficult to move around if you are there on a busy shopping day. The Sunvalley Shopping Center does have a reputation for being very busy during the holidays. I would imagine that it would be quite chaotic during that time. Overall, it is a basic Disney store and is worth a look around if you happen to be in the Sunvalley Shopping Center.

However, I would not plan a trip to just for this Disney store alone. The mall has lots to offer including Round 1, an amusement center with a large arcade, bowling, karaoke, and a huge selection of crane machines. You can also check out Box Lunch which tends to have lots of Disney merchandise and provides a meal to Feeding American for every ten dollars spent.


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