$20 Antique Store Challenge: October 2019

$20 Antique Store Challenge: October 2019

I am lucky to live in an area that is rich with antique stores. Every time I walk into an antique store, I know that I will find something related to Disney. Even if it is just one or two small figurines or an elaborate assortment of beautiful Disney anitques. Antique stores are fun places to find pieces of Disney history or only something unique.

Today I am introducing the $20 Disney Antique Challenge. I will walk into an antique store with no more than $20 and find the best Disney antiques I can. Anything is available; it just has to be less than $20. I will not be on the hunt for anything thing in particular or a specific character. Afterward, I will blog about the neat things I find, talk about my pick, and then research if I got a good deal on it or not.

Antique Store in Gilroy, CA: Garbo’s Antiques and Collectibles

Gilroy, California is a town located about sixteen miles south of San Jose, CA. It is known for its garlic crop and hosts an annual Garlic Festival that is well known. When visiting Gilroy, you will instantly be impressed by its small-town charm.

My husband and I ventured into Gilroy one day to check out a string of antique shops in their downtown area. We were instantly drawn into Garbo’s Antiques. From the window, you could see that there was lots of variety. With my 20 dollars burning a hole in my pocket, I ventured inside to find a new collectible.

Disney Antique Collectibles For Everyone

I can’t say I have a process or procedure that I follow when I go into an antique store. I like to take my time and browse a little bit of everything. Although Disney is on the brain, it can still be fun to find other things too. But today it a $20 challenge day, so I am searching for Disney things only.

As I browse through cases and shelves, I am not finding anything. There are no Mickeys or Donalds to be found. This seems very strange for an antique store, but it’s a relatively large store, so I kept moving. As I moved closer to the back of the store, I thought maybe Garbo’s does not like to hold onto Disney memorabilia. Just when I start to think that I’ll need to go into a different store for my challenge, I found it.

disney antiques

In the back of the store was a large case that was filled with Disney toys, books, games, and figurines. Everything in this case was dedicated to Disney antiques. And it had a little bit of everything. Classic collectibles or newer toys, and even Lion King II Simba’s Pride on DVD were all included in this one case. Here were some notable collectibles:

aladdin plate 101 dalmatian plate snow white plate

Commemorative Plates Galore!

Grolier Collectibles has released commemorative plates for Disney films for several years. They were at a peak in the 90s, so there are a ton of Grolier Collectibles from the Disney Renaissance. Garbo’s hard the slides on either side of the case displaying some of the ones they had for sale. Each plate was $25, which seems to be about the going rate. It is a little too much for my $20 challenge, but it was worth noting for any Disney plate fan.

disneyland ashtray

Disneyland Ashtray

This item caught my eye because it had been years since I have seen an ashtray, let alone a Disney themed one. This small try depicts Sleeping Beauty Castle from Disneyland. Which is a little ironic considering smoking was banned in all U.S. Disney theme parks. For $15, it did sit in the running for the challenge.

disney antiques christmas frame

Disneyland Christmas Photo Frame

Some say there is no place like home for the holidays, and many call Disneyland home. Disneyland is one of the busiest places to be around Christmas. The parks go all out with holiday decorations. I thought this photo frame was just cute. It takes the Emporium from Disneyland and would look nice to put out with other Christmas decorations. There is something truly magical about Disney Christmas decorations. At $22, this item did not qualify, so the search continued.

seven dwarves figure disney antique

Seven Dwarves Figurines

When looking at Disney antiques, you are bound to find at least one figurine of the Seven Dwarves. This set was out of the price range for the challenge at $32 per figure, but I loved the design of these figures. The hunt is on to determine the brand and story behind these little guys.

disney antique totem pole shop

Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Totem Pole

When you walk into Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, you will be taken aback by the beauty of the lobby. It is considered one of Walt Disney World’s best resorts. The figure stood out to me because I recognized the iconic totem pole outside the Mercantile. The totem pole shows Donald, Goofy, and Mickey sitting on top of a smiling bear. It captures the personalities of three Disney favorites well.

disney antique totem pole bottom

As a California resident, I am not as familiar with Walt Disney World as I am with Disneyland in California. When I inspected the totem pole, the text on the bottom reminded me of the fonts at Disney California Adventure theme park. For $18, I chose this item to be the winner of the $20 challenge.

disney antique totem pole back


Totem Pole Collectibles Since 2001

When I took the figure home, I proudly displayed it on a shelf next to my television. It did not take too long in my research to discover that these totem poles are pretty common. Wilderness Lodge has almost always had a version of this figure available for purchase. Some of them have Wilderness Lodge logo on the back of the pole, unlike the version I found, which is blank.

Overall, I discovered the going rate for the totem pole I found was around $17. Safe to say that I overpaid when you consider that Mickey and Goofy’s noses were knocked off as well. I would not fault Garbo’s for that as these figures seem to have new versions all the time. Garbo’s was a fantastic antique store with tons of great Disney finds. I will be going back.

Have you ever found an amazing Disney treasure at an antique store? Let us know in the comments below. Check again soon for more $20 antique store challenges!




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